This is my favorites page.  I’m gonna tell you all of my favorite things in this page. Ciao!


My favorite movie is Frozen.  It is about two sisters named Elsa and Anna.  Elsa has magic ice powers and has accidentally hurt Anna with them.  She then stays away from Anna so as to not hurt her.  But her powers grow and eventually she has to resort to wearing gloves all the time. On her coronation day, Anna takes off one of Elsa’s gloves and her powers get out of hand.  She runs away to the North Mountain, and thinking she is free of problems, accidentally sets off an eternal winter.   Anna then sets out on a journey to convince her sister to bring back summer.

My favorite place is my house in Pittston PA.

My favorite book is the Duck Commander Family.

My favorite TV show is Duck Dynasty

My favorite animal is a cat, especially MY cat.

My favorite color is turquoise blue.

My favorite park is Hershey Park.

My favorite thing is my duck blanket.

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